You have questions about solar energy – we’ll try and answer them.

Amongst the 3,000+ homeowners that use our family of online home improvement quoting websites every week, there are a quite a few interested in solar panel installations, having used our solar panel quoting website.

Later, when our customer advisers speak with homeowners, it’s clear that many of you have questions about the how, why and where.

We’ve been working on a pack of information for our advisory team here at Price Engines Ltd (owners and administrators of the ‘Quoter family of websites) so that everyone has the right reference materials at hand.

But why stop there we thought? Why not publish the most common questions and answers that you, homeowners thinking of installing solar panels, ask us every day?

So starting tomorrow, we’ll be doing just that – answering your more common questions but don’t forget, after you’ve got your online quote, you’ll have the option of talking to our homeowner advisory team directly.

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One thought on “You have questions about solar energy – we’ll try and answer them.”

  1. I've been in the industry for a few years myself and solar energy/solar panels does seem to be really taking off here in the US, and its fair to say that a lot of countries out there are still behind the times when it comes down to it.

    For those unaware of the benefits of solar energy then it can be an eye opener to see just how it affects the earth and the way we live our lives. In the long run using solar panels can help you out financially as you wont need to pay energy bills and the energy that is generated is free.

    Solar panels can help produce electricity, light and hot water so everything that the common household has, solar energy can help run it.

    Of course the initial costs of installing them on a property can be costly in some cases, but luckily the US has a government grant scheme which does allow homeowners to take advantage of this is some states.

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