Wrexham Council solar scheme plan backed

The BBC reported that a plan by Wrexham Council to install photovoltaic solar panels to 3000 properties at a cost of £25 million has been agreed (in principle).

The scheme would benefit the council and tenant’s alike – the tenant’s would see reductions of up to 40% in their energy bills, whilst the council would earn an estimated £25.7m net income over 25years from the Governments feed-in tariffs.

The council hopes the scheme would raise a £1million a year in income.

Just as impressive is the figure that each property involved in the installation scheme would save around 1 tonne in CO2 emissions each year.

A separate plan to install solar panels on 13 buildings including schools and leisure facilities will cost £3.4million.

Good news for the people of Wrexham, who’ll be awaiting a date in February (2011) when the council must present its business plan.

photo credit: gareth wright

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