Window Shutters (internal) – So popular we’ve created a new ‘Quoter site.

Sometimes referred to as the ‘Plantation look’, there has been a steady increase in the number of homeowners installing this most enduring of window features – internal shutters.

As more and more homeowners decide to stay rather than move, and invest in their homes appearance and comfort, so window shutters are really coming to the fore.

And it’s not hard to see why. Window Shutters not only look very grand, they do also have a seriously functional part to play in your everyday life.

For example, internal shutters (when closed) add a noticeable extra layer of insulation to your windows and doors – not to be sniffed at in this era of energy saving and spiralling fuel bills.

It’s possible, given their heritage, that window shutters may be one alternative for listed building owners who’ve been unable to install double glazing – worth checking with your local planning office.

But they’re not all about saving energy. In the Summer, you’ll find shutters can make your home cooler and more comfortable without compromising on your privacy.

They’re also a great way to control the harmful fading effects of direct sunlight on your furnishings.

Styles and Materials

When it comes to choice, there’s a material and style to suit everyone and every window. Don’t be put off if you’ve got an arched window or other non-rectangular window/door to include as there’s usually a bespoke option.

Materials range from ‘craftwood’ (made using low density fibreboard) to premium red cedar hardwood from North America, which is noted for its durability, lightness and strength as well exceptional resistance to moisture, heat or cold. Each style and design can be finished in a range of colours or stains.

There’s also a variety of styles to choose from; you don’t have to have the whole window covered with one shutter. Normally you should be able to choose from full height shutters to split (tier on tier) where the window is literally split into top and bottom halves – each half can be operated independently of the other.

Cafe style usually applies to just the bottom half of the window being shuttered and finally there’s a solid version, which my sources tell me is very popular in period properties.

Oh and of course, there are usually motorised options for you to consider that will open and shut the individually moving shutter panes.

So it is possible to add considerable style and comfort to your home with the one improvement project and there’s no doubt it’s catching on.

To reflect their popularity, Home Improvement Quotes has just launched a new ‘Quoter website – Window Shutter Quoter. Visit our newest website, enter a few details and then select size and style of shutter you’re interested in. Our clever website will then return an instant online quote in seconds, based on the measurements and styles you entered. It couldn’t be simpler to find out in minutes how much window shutters will cost you – from one window to a whole floor to the whole house. Try it as many times as you like.

Like all our ‘Quoter websites – it’s completely free and no salesman will call on you.

photo credit: The Appeal Group Ltd

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