Wind Farms? The Peasants are revolting…

Last week, The Independent got sight of a report into the state of the UK’s wind energy industry. The picture painted is one of chaos and disarray.

Planning approvals for wind farms are at their worst with only 1 in 3 getting approval after successful objections from organised local opposition groups up and down the UK.

Whilst the number of new wind farms becoming active has fallen by 30% – due partly to the recession, there was a 50% drop in planning approvals in England alone.

Campaigners against the wind turbines, whilst appreciating the need for wind farms to help combat emissions, say the turbines are an eyesore, unacceptably noisy and decimate local bird life.

They want to see all wind farms built off-shore, despite the increased costs and length of time it takes to build off-shore installations – up to 7 years.

As an average, it now takes two years from the point of application until approval is gained.

Sorry folks – the UK can’t wait that long.

The Independent’s fascinating article (if you missed it) carries quotes from opposition groups and local councillors and is well worth a few minutes of your time. Read it here.

photo credit: shimelle

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