Will the London Tube strikes encourage greener transport?

Just a thought but with the London Tube Train system crippled by strike action today and thousands of commuters facing absolute chaos….. I wondered if it would encourage anyone to take a greener form of transport?

There is the recently launched London Cycle Hire scheme now, and it will be interesting to see how that copes today – will there be a shortage of bikes at popular spots?

pedalling around St Paul’s

One tweet I spotted this morning on Twitter suggests that you may find it more difficult to find an empty dock in which to park your bike, as one Twitter user was pedalling around St Paul’s looking for an empty space.

So over to you. Has your daily commute been affected by the Tube strike? Were the roads unbearably busy? Did you try the London Cycle scheme for the first time today?

I (and our dedicated readers) would love to know.

photo credit: annie mole

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