Will a Political Party’s environmental policy earn your cross at the next election?

Rather than sound like a party political broadcast ourselves, we’ve put together 3 links, each one leading to one of the 3 main political parties environmental policy pages, on their own websites.

We’re not here to tell you who to vote for, nor persuade you one way or another.

We’re simply giving you the chance to read first-hand for yourself what environment & energy policies the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democratic parties say they’re going to follow / implement pending the result of the next general election.

To read Labour’s environmental policy – click here.

To read the Conservative’s environmental policy – click here.

To read the Liberal Democrat’s environmental policy – click here.

If your vote is going to be won (or lost) on the strength of a party’s policy on tackling climate change and renewable energy tariffs etc, then this is surely the place to start.

photo credit: acme

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