Why you should use an Architect

From a modest remodelling of your home to doubling it’s size with an extension or a complete new build / barn conversion etc, you’ll find your project goes a lot more smoothly with an architect involved.

An architect will discuss your ideas and transpose them onto paper in a set of drawings that will satisfy both council planning departments and the contractor who has the job of turning the drawing into bricks and mortar.

Architects will be aware of all the relevant building regulations, so their involvement at the start will hopefully smooth out any planning wrinkles later on, including issues arising out of building inspections, which happen at crucial stages of a build / re-model.

And having an architect on your side means you’ve got an extra voice when discussing any issues with your contractors.

Most people think of an architect as just someone to draw up the plans but get a good one and you’ll see just why they’re so good. They’ll be able to offer their own suggestions on your ideas and hopefully inspire you with what’s possible within the space you’re adding. As well as keeping up to date with planning issues and suitable materials, they’ll also have loads of knowledge on fittings and latest trends.

Decide to do it yourself and if the plans fail to get approval or your contractor runs into trouble during the build / remodel, then you’ll probably end up having to hire an architect anyway, to fix the problems. With no architect on board, It’ll also be up to you to liaise with your contractors and keep the project on schedule (and budget).

So hiring an architect could actually save you money. Money you can spend on better fittings or a nice holiday whilst the builders get on with it back home.

Recent changes in planning laws meant you may not need planning permission for a straightforward loft conversion and very often those conversion companies will be able to provide their own design drawings anyway but for any project that’s not going to be ‘off the shelf’ or involves planning applications, then time taken to find the right architect for you will be time well spent.

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