Why you should both be present for a quote appointment.

It’s not uncommon for many home improvement companies to insist on both partners being present for when they make their presentations in your home.

Whilst it might sound like an obvious selling ploy, and indeed some home improvement companies still approach an appointment on the basis of pitching a high-price and then offering ‘sign now’ discounts, having two people present at the sales appointment can actually work in your favour.

For example, how many times have you wished you’d asked a particular question or forgotten a particular request / design aspect until after an appointment was over?

Having someone else – a partner or friend – as a back up, allows you to relax more and take turns at asking critical points throughout the design or quote process. After an appointment, it’s useful to be able to ‘compare notes’ on the companies presentation. Your partner or friend may have picked up on a point that you’d forgotten.

And having someone else there on ‘your side’ means you’re less likely to make a rash purchasing decision or agree to extra work that you don’t really need.

Of course, from a companies point of view, seeing both partners means that they spend less time repeating themselves at subsequent meetings or during phone conversations, on what you agreed to at the initial meeting.

If all parties present are happy, then an order delivery or installation start date can usually be agreed there and then, so both being present actually speeds up the installation process.

But cultural changes in peoples work habits and hours means it isn’t always possible for both partners to be at home of an evening, so if an appointment time isn’t convenient, then say so, and try and re-arrange it for a more convenient time to you.

And if you do live on your own, then you may well be reticent about letting strangers into your home, whilst you’re alone.

Home Improvement Quotes can help here – after discussing your online enquiry with you in more detail, if you agree to our local company matching service, we can email you with the contact details of our 3 recommended companies. Not only do you get the main office name and contact details, but you also get to read first-hand feedback from other homeowners in your area that have used our service and dealt with the companies themselves, before they contact you to arrange an appointment.

This helps rule out cold-callers and hopeful ‘door-knockers’ that might have otherwise managed to get let into your home.

Our online services include quotes for Solar Panel installations on your home or business.

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  1. Quite an interesting blog post. You've got the point on it. It will possibly be a great idea to at least have a two person for a representative.

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