Why are you installing Solar Panels?

Why have you decided to install solar panels on your home or business?

– To lower your current fuel bill after the latest double figure percentage rises by the big 6 energy companies?

– To reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment?

– To make an investment, given the poor returns currently on offer to savers?

Or a combination of any of the 3 main reasons above?

The fact is that whatever your reason, installing solar panels ticks all there boxes, whether you’re doing it for that particular reason or not.

True most recent installations would seem to be motivated by either the opportunity to claw back the initial outlay, through the Governments feed-in tariffs, or to lower those fuel bills.

Solar panels are turning heads and no doubt once you’ve got your own installation, then you’re sure to be quizzed by your neighbours on the merits of and savings you’re making.

It’s not too dis-similar to when upvc double glazing first entered the mainstream.And like those early days of double glazing, there are one or two tales of cowboy installations amongst the solar panel industry.

To help make sure you don’t get caught out, in a market where it’s easy to bamboozle with made up facts and fictional earnings and savings, you need to make sure you get a range of quotes from reputable companies, who you can read feedback on, left by previous homeowners – the good and the bad.

To help you find the very companies you seek, at Solar Panel Quoter, we can use our interactive online quoting website and database of over 250 solar installers across the UK, to find you a maximum of three companies operating in your area.

It’s a completely free, no obligation service but it could save you pounds. Try Solar Panel Quoter now – click here.

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