Which story provided you with a little ray of sunshine during May?

Our ever popular and completely under-whelmed monthly round up May’s stories and posts on Solar Panel Quoter – the blog – features some really good posts and some cracking photo illustrations as well.

In a month which saw the BP Oil spill off the coast of Louisiana (an ongoing story that one we’re sad to say) and of course our own general election which has left green energy policy in even more confusion – the Lib Dems and the Conservatives having very different views on Nuclear power it seems.

For a bit of fun, we thought we’d ‘ring the changes’ slightly by picking our favourite photo illustration from the month of May and asking you to write in (comment) with a suitably witty caption.

This month’s winner (above) was naughty architect’s picture used to accompany 12th May’s post – Finding the right renewable energy company for your home.

Leave your caption as a comment – no prizes – just a bit of fun.

We’ll be back in July with a round up of all things June in the world of solar panels and renewable energy in general.

Despite being green – wind turbines need planning permission.

Is your British Gas fixed price tariff about to end?

Tomorrow – we vote.

Carbon capture and sequestration – what’s that all about?

How much information on solar energy can you handle?

What’s hogging the energy in your house?

Offshore wind farm construction begins in Irish Sea.

FInding the right renewable energy company for your home.

Oil Spill Disasters – another tick in favour of renewable energy?

Commute by Bike – even if the view is a little scary

Giving Cyclists more protection aids green commute efforts

South Pole has warmest year on record.

Renewable Energy Quotes – online prices for solar panel installation.

BP & Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill – The Day we’ve been fearing is here.

Is it too much to ask for a little precipitation>

Recycled Housing – the weird and the wacky.

Go Green – Go Red! New London double decker bus.

Solar with Rosie.

Solar panels and house insurance cover questions.

Energy saving messages passed via energy companies questioned.

Using solar power to treat water.

Concern about climate change declines.

One thought on “Which story provided you with a little ray of sunshine during May?”

  1. "Mr Brown discovered that hiding from his wife inside a stack of hay was no defence"

    "What happened after the wolf huffed and puffed – thorough Mr Wolf!"


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