Which renewable energy headline raised your eyebrow?

online solar panel quotes for UK homeowners
Following on from Chris Brogan’s excellent blog post where he looked back over his past months post titles and evaluated whether they were effective enough, we though we’d do the same but with a slight twist.

We’ve listed Solar Panel Quoter – The Blog post titles for January 2010 below (with links to the actual story).

The question we’d like to ask you is – Do you think we’re achieving the right balance of posts across the different renewable energy forms available? What would you like to see more of (or less for that matter)? We had fun just reviewing our daily posts – we hope you do to.

How warm is your office?
Feed in Tariffs for the UK – Rates may not be ambitious enough
Protecting your rainwater harvesting system from frost damage
Job seekers pay detective to seek out Green Companies
Toyota Prius saves 7 million tonnes of CO2
Energy saving – Green lessons for all
Powering your motorhome with solar energy – one couples success
Feed in tariffs boost Italy’s solar panel market
Ho Ho oh! Festive energy saving lightbulb giveaway not too bright
Offshore wind industry to spend 50% more than oil / gas counterparts
Half of Britain’s homes to be powered by wind but it could be bad news for jobs
Micro-renewable technologies for small & medium sized businesses to get funding
Small businesses could be wasting £3bn of energy a year
It’s green energy but don’t expect a cut in your energy bills
Wind power in the USA – don’t hold your breath
How to keep solar panels working efficiently during Winter
DIY solar panel fitters in California could lead the way
Review of 2009 – our favourite renewable energy posts
Central heating boiler scrappage scheme in England announced
New mobile phone for Christmas? Recycle your old mobile phone
Couple recall excitement on day their solar panel inverter was fitted
Photovoltaic solar panel installation costs not what they seem

What caught your eye?

photo credit: lanuiop

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