Which energy company will raise its prices next?

Everyone’s looking for cheaper energy!

2.4 million households will be affected by the energy price rises announced by Scottish Power last week, with gas bills due to rise an average of 19% from August.

Consumers electricity bills will see rises of 10%.

With other energy companies expected to follow suit, it seems this Winter will see many households facing huge rises in their heating and lighting bills.

The news will undoubtedly raise further interest in solar panel installations and if you’ve been thinking of your own solar installation, then now might be a very good time to get an idea of costs, before installation periods lengthen due to unprecedented demand.

And don’t forget, industries too will be looking for ways of cutting their energy bills – from the smallest office to the largest manufacturing unit. The Toyota car manufacturer is already installing 17,000 solar panels at it’s Derby factory. The £10 million installation will generate enough power to build 7,000 cars a year.

The energy price rises are being blamed on increasing wholesale costs, due partly to unrest in the Middle East and the earthquakes that affected Japan earlier this year.

Energy companies are also having to invest to meet Government environmental and social programmes as well as the costs in distributing electricity on the National Grid.

The head of energy at Consumer Focus is quoted as saying “suppliers like the comfort of the pack and price rises come in waves. Every household in the country will now be bracing themselves for impact”.

Chris Huhne – the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change said the price rises underlined why the Government was building an escape route from a high fossil fuel future. “We need to get off the oil price hook and on to clean, green growth”.

To get your home off the ‘hook’ of fossil fuels, and safeguard yourself against future energy price hikes, get your free, no obligation solar panel installation quote now. It only takes a few minutes but the outcome could literally save you pounds.

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