Where there’s muck there’s Solar Panels…

When it comes to Solar Panel installation, you need two things. The Sun and somewhere in the Sun to mount the panels.

The Sun isn’t the problem, it’s finding the large areas of space needed to mount enough panels to generate serious amounts of power. In the USA, California is driving an ambitious project that will see most roofs fitted with some solar power generating capability.

Meanwhile, as reported in the North Jersey.com news, they’ve got even more creative…

“The Northwest Bergen Utilities Authority in Waldwick recently unveiled two football field-sized solar arrays sitting on a platform 11 feet above tanks holding raw sewage.

‘In New Jersey you have to be more creative,’ said Tom Buono, a vice president at Vanguard Energy Partners in Branchburg, which built the array in Waldwick. ‘In California or desert states like Arizona or New Mexico, you have vast amount of land to put large arrays on.’

Much of the utility authority’s 21 acres is covered by buildings, roads and dozens of processing tanks that turn 10 million gallons of sewage into clean water each day. The only place where a large array could fit and face southward was over the tanks.” … read the full story by clicking here.

So the space is there – we’ve just got to be creative about where we look for it. Football stadiums, Petrol station canopies, even garden sheds.

Remember, if you’re thinking of fitting solar panels to your home, you may find additional mounting space on lower extension roofs or even garage roofs. Once you’ve got your online solar panel installation quote (click here), talk to your solar panel installer about the best siting options for your property.

photo credit: stephen barnett

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