What’s so special about imprinted concrete driveways?

Patterned or Impressed Concrete is an alternative paving surface to Block Paving or Tarmac for driveways, paths and patios.
The base is still dug out and a hardcore base compacted before the top inches of concrete are applied. Whilst the surface is still wet, a coloured coating is applied and floated in before the final pattern is applied using special moulds.
The result is a surface that can be made to look like any arrangement of blocks or cobbles but without the cost of individual block laying.
You can still have separate coloured ‘block pattern’ borders – steps can also be created / resurfaced.
Once the pattern has been pressed and the whole surface is dry – a top protective coat is usually applied.
Impressed concrete is particularly useful where there are steep slopes between adjoining areas – with block paving, it may be necessary to create a step – and supporters of impressed concrete will tell you it’s a lot harder for the weeds to grow through than with blocks.
Large areas usually incorporate a specially sealed ‘break line’ so that as the earth moves, structural cracks are avoided in the surface.
Fans of Block Paving will point out that the advantage of blocks is that if one becomes damaged, it’s more straightforward to replace a single brick. With impressed concrete, it would mean replacing a small area which would then need skilful blending in with the existing surface.
Both surfaces are recommend to be re-coated with the protective sealants from time to time. If you’re in any doubt, always check with your installer first. The maintenance and upkeep of one surface over another might influence your final decision.
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