What’s new in kitchens for 2012?

With so much emphasis being placed on energy efficiency and choosing the right household appliances, the actual design of a fitted kitchen has been somewhat over-shadowed in recent months.
So if you’re contemplating just how ‘un-friendly’ your old kitchen design was this Christmas past, or you’re ready for a breath-taking new kitchen that’s as functional as it is stunning, then what sort of features should you expect to see?
The fitted kitchen market has caught on very quickly to the need for quality and our expectations, as homeowners, that a new kitchen is not a ‘light’ project and if we’re going to the trouble and investment of a new kitchen, then it’s got to look good for years and be made of quality components.
So, expect 2012 to feature big on quality of components – whether that’s drawer sliders, pot carousel’s or hinges.
Take a look around the web and you’ll see lots of very angular designs, with room settings incorporating bold contrasting colours.
Gloss finished units will be available in even more door colours and one range we saw even had a polished mirror plinth, which gives the illusion that the kitchen is actually floating off the floor.
For those of you that prefer a more traditional look, Pine and Oak still continue to be as popular as ever, although be prepared for a few delightful surprises.
Worktops will continue to evolve further choices of cost effective laminates through to granite and stainless steel. If you’ve got young children, you may decide to opt for the smoother, rounded edges of laminate worktops anyway.
A good kitchen designer will listen to your wishes but always try and offer alternatives that you may have overlooked or perhaps weren’t even aware of. Remember, they deal in kitchens every day whereas you won’t.
The value of having your fitted kitchen planned and installed cannot be under-estimated. Exact room measurements will help ensure a seamless fit and what can be major obstacles for the DIY’er like inconvenient roof beams or odd corners / under stairs ceilings can be planned for and easily overcome at the fitting stage.
The absolute worst mistake you can make is to invest in a kitchen, that you then attempt to fit yourself. Estate Agent surveys show repeatedly the negative effect a ‘poor’ kitchen can have on a property – sometimes negating the amount spent. It’s also worth bearing in mind that whilst you might find high-gloss tangerine the ideal colour, a prospective new owner may not.
Incidentally, tangerine is according to some, going to be the ‘must have’ colour of 2012 so perhaps tangerine wouldn’t be such a bad colour choice anyway?
Anyway,  if you are thinking you may sell your property anytime soon, then colour and door finish is one of the most important decisions you’ll face.
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