What’s in a Name? Solar Panel branding.

“Different – but both Fruit”

Over in the USA, solar panel branding is becoming a hot issue reports american solar panel company website GetSolar.com.

With some solar panel manufacturers beginning to sell the benefits of their panels over another based on the ‘name’, what was once seen as a commodity is now being regarded as a consumer product. This shift in marketing has come out of the recession as manufacturers, keen to build customer loyalty into reselling their product have started to partner with installer networks.

However, what is in a name? Reliability, performance, installation and maintenance costs? Is one panel more efficient than another – could you get more power output for your money just by choosing one brand over another?

One interesting factor to consider is this: Energy output. one brand may mean fewer high wattage panels or more lower wattage panels to achieve the same output. The real factors that might make a difference are manufacturers warranty and suitability for your sites conditions – some panels perform better in more shaded areas than others etc. Limited installation space may also be a factor which ultimately makes the decision on what installation (‘brand’) you choose – if there’s a choice at all.

As GetSolar.com conclude – “Solar installers should be willing to explain their choices of panels to you. You have a right to know. But if you’re dealing with equivalent system outputs in quotes you receive, at equivalent costs, and the equipment comes with equivalent warranties? Don’t overthink it.

When you’re getting your solar panel quote – once you’ve got your initial online price, you can discuss the attributes of different panel manufacturers (if there’s a choice) with your installer.

photo credit: Mike Johnson – TheBusyBrain.com

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