What is Renewable Energy? – Guest post.

What is renewable energy? – Guest Post.

Renewable energy is energy that comes from natural resources such as
rain, tides, wind, geothermal heat and sunlight. With fuel prices
constantly rising and oil reserves on the verge of declining renewable
energy is what is being looked at as the energy source of the future.

– Easily replenished
– Clean source of energy – no toxic chemicals
– Available all over the world
– Non perishable – don’t have to worry about the energy source
declining or getting exhausted in the future.
– Most have low maintenence cost associated with them.

– Atmospheric condition and geographical locations make a huge impact
on the efficency of the energy sources.
– The initial investment cost is significantly high

Todays guest post was researched and written by our WOSH (Work Observation and Shadowing) school pupil, who’s spent the week with us at Price Engines Ltd.

Our best wishes go with her for the future.

photo credit: IMLS DCC

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