What if my home isn’t suitable for solar panels?

air source heat pumpThe 3 main factors which will decide if your home isn’t suitable for solar panels are if the roof isn’t south facing enough or too shaded, your home is too far North for the panels to make an impact on your energy bills or your roof isn’t big enough to fit enough panels on.

If you’ve already enquired about solar panels only to be ‘turned down’ or you think your home isn’t suitable, then what are your options? You still want to save money off your energy bills and reduce your home’s carbon footprint. It would be nice if you could still claim some form of Government subsidy or tariff like those homes with solar panels.

The answer lies in Heat Pumps. Both Ground Source and Air Source heat pumps are currently qualifying for Government installation grants of up to £1250 and from this October, are expected to feature in the Government renewable heat incentive tariffs.

Heat pumps work like a fridge in reverse, extracting the heat out of the ground/air and pumping that heat into the property. Heat which can be used for heating your home or your hot water or both.

Air pumps are the most popular due to the relative ease with which they can be installed. A simple pump unit outside adjacent to the property – about the size of a large suitcase (see illustration above). Ground source systems use tubing buried in coils under the garden or via a straight bore hole into the ground. Not only do you need enough garden space to take the metres of coils, but there will be disruption whilst the trenches are dug out.

Assuming you can fit some kind of mechanical digger into your garden in the first place.

Like it’s online solar panel quoting website cousin, our newest ‘Quoter family member – Heat Pump Quoter – can offer you an instant online quote based on your location and system requirements.

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This story first appeared in our weekly homeowner newsletter dated 9th January 2012.

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