What does ‘green living’ mean to you?

I'm a Green Man!

What does it mean to you – the phrase ‘living green’?

Does it involve our energy usage habits, our shopping habits or how we travel and commute?

For me, it means I recycle my daily refuse in the appropriate bin for collection. I make a small pilgrimage once a month to the local supermarket recycling, with my plastic (because that isn’t collected on the doorstep). At work, I use the appropriate recycling bins.

I make sure I’m not leaving lights on (or any other electrics) around the home when not needed – even the dreaded standby button has been replaced by the wall switch. Although this may have more to do with wanting to reduce my electricity bill, but I’m sure the environment will not complain. I wear more jumpers or perhaps that should be I wear jumpers more often.

I’ve bunged up the draughty spots as best I can, so I’m reasonably confident the warmth I’m creating is staying inside to the best of the properties old single glazed windows and doors ability. My main source of heat is an open fireplace, which I burn collected firewood on mostly. The high winds did at least make sure I had plenty of wood to go at.

I’ve slowed down in my driving habits. I like to think I was already a pretty good driver – reading the road ahead well in advance etc but even I’ve found myself coasting more towards traffic lights and obvious obstructions. My Skoda Octavia might be old but it’s diesel engine gives me on average 55mpg. Why go above 60mph – it literally makes minutes difference on an average commute.

I certainly think about whether a journeys really necessary or not before making it.

Could I do more? Almost certainly. I haven’t explored shopping for local produce – the weekly supermarket ‘sweep’ is still a time saving necessity rather than the luxury of perusing local markets. Ethically sourced produce – at least in terms of energy usage and distance its travelled is another area I could ‘gen up’ on and improve.

I haven’t got ‘on my bike’ but quite frankly I don’t see many places I would choose to cycle too re distance and time it would take / state I would be in when I got there.

I haven’t replaced every appliance in my home for ‘a’ rated energy saving appliances but I’m sure as they fail, they’ll be suitably replaced.

And I haven’t yet installed any renewable energy  sources on my home, but again, that’s down to budget and the right time as I currently rent. Perhaps my landlord will get bitten by the green bug if I remind him often enough.

Have I missed anything? What are you doing or how do you quantify your ‘green living’? Do share here.

photo credit: frank kovalchek



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