What can happen when Sea Water meets Fresh Water… Osmotic Power!

You’re eagle eyed bloggers at Solar Panel Quoter spotted this snippet of news from the shores of Norway.

“World’s first osmotic power plant opens in November”

Osmotic power? OK, here comes the science bit…

“Osmotic energy is based on the natural phenomenon osmosis, defined as being the transport of water through a semi-permeable membrane”

Still with us?

“At an osmotic power plant, fresh water and salt water are guided into separate chambers divided by an artificial membrane. The salt molecules in the sea water pulls the freshwater through the membrane, increasing the pressure on the sea water side. The pressure equals a 120 metre water column, or a significant waterfall that can be utilised in a power generating turbine”.

The power plant is a prototype and if successful, will be rolled out into a larger full scale plant within a few years time.

Read the full story at Renewable Energy Focus – click here. It’s really fascinating what they’re working on and the implications for installations where-ever salt water meets fresh.

photo credit: oslointhesummertime

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