Wet rooms – new solutions to waterproofing (or tanking).

Wet rooms are definitely in fashion at the moment. Whether that’s because a wet room is convenient or viewed as an affordable luxury upgrade to your home, who can say?

The one item that (for me anyway) puts many off is the ‘tanking’ – the method by which the whole room is waterproofed. Tricky whether the wet room is upstairs or downstairs. It’s the one aspect of the job you can’t cut corners on and if you’re thinking of installing a wet room yourself, then you’ve got to be really sure you know what you’re doing, or be prepared to ask for a little professional help.

Of course the professional bathroom companies make it all look easy and new innovations by leading bathroom manufacturers is only making that more straight-forward.

Did you know there’s a preformed wet room shower floor that professionals can now use? It already has the drainage slope built into it (saving all that levelling with flooring compounds) and can be placed directly onto the floor joists. It’s a completely sealed all in one unit and so should guarantee no leaks.

Reducing installation times should make wet rooms even more affordable too.

With many homeowners continuing to improve what they’ve already got, rather than moving house to find it, wet rooms are becoming an increasingly popular home improvement within many homeowners budgets.

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