Water conservation is highlighted by Energy Saving Trust.

The Energy Saving Trust is urging home owners to think about the amount of water they use and think about how they can reduce their usage.

For those on water meters, the savings can be considerable, whilst those charged water rates could still make savings.

Their suggestions include replacing worn washers, fixing dripping taps and insulating hot water tanks to conserve energy.

If your immersion tank is fitted with its own thermostat, check it’s not set to high. Ask yourself does the hot water really have to be scalding hot when it comes out of the tap?

Changing our behaviour could be the key to real water use reduction though – think about spending less time in the shower or making sure dishwashers and washing machines are only used when there’s a full load.

For the garden, think about collecting rainwater to water the garden with. In fact, there are now commercial rainwater harvesting systems that you can install and use for things like flushing toilets, saving even more on your water bills.

You may think that changing your habits doesn’t make a great deal of difference but if we all change our habits, then the overall savings could be huge.

This story first appeared in our homeowner newsletter – 21 march 2011 edition – read the full newsletter here.

photo credit: nick holland

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