Watching your water usage in the shower

Is nothing sacred? Having been hounded out of using the bath for energy bill reasons (but I suspect more to do with my partner and her 3 teenage girls needing quality soak time), I thought I was reasonably safe in the shower.

Not any more.

There’s a new gizmo called the Water Pebble that sits in the shower tray next to the plug hole and measures how long you’re taking.

It uses traffic light colours to tell you when you’ve had long enough – basing its timings on your first shower and then systematically reducing your shower time each time you shower.

Looks like it’s only sold in America but worth checking out if you’re looking to reduce your hot water heating and water supply bills even further.

(Just don’t tell the kids it can be reset!).

Check out the Water Pebble by clicking here.

photo credit: boliston

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