Warning to choose the right conservatory heater

Heating experts are warning home owners to think carefully about the heating arrangements for their new conservatories, as Winter approaches.
Whilst it might seem like one expense you can cut corners on, heating engineers are advising you not to cut costs which in the long run will actually end up costing you more.
You may think that a portable electric heater – warm air of oil filled radiator etc will suffice, but these plug-in appliances are very costly to run for more than an hour or two a day. The resulting costs may mean you don’t use your conservatory as often as you might.
The right glazing can make a difference but to make your conservatory a comfortable part of the house all year round, homeowners need to be thinking about the long term heating options available.
One of the easiest and most convenient methods is where a home already has central heating installed. If you present boiler / system isn’t capable of running extra radiators in the conservatory, then it may still be cost effective to upgrade the boiler for that purpose.
Fitting the radiator/s with their own thermostatic valves will ensure you’re not heating the conservatory unnecessarily.
Other alternatives you may consider include underfloor heating – powered either by your present heating system or perhaps even by a modest solar panel installation or heat pump installation, making use of renewable energy sources.
Just as important for comfort is thinking about cooling in the Summer. Fitting or specifying a fan in the roof of your conservatory will help cool your conservatory when it’s hot.

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