Victorian home to undergo energy efficiency improvements experiment

A typical Victorian terraced property is to be the subject of an ambitious series of home improvements in an effort to raise its current energy performance rating of F to a B rated property.

This type of housing makes up a large proportion of the UK’s housing stock and if the UK is to achieve it’s carbon reduction targets, then it’s vital that older properties are made more fuel efficient.

The ‘experiment’ will see 5 different types of window installed on the property including triple and double glazing.

Other measures planned for the ‘makeover’ include fitting a new boiler, wall insulation, water saving devices and air source heat pumps.

Other properties on the same street will be fitted with a range of conventional and innovative products, new or coming to the market soon, before the whole project is evaluated on individual effectiveness of one measure over another.

The Government hopes the practical lessons gained from making this one house more energy efficient can be used to transform other properties.

The ‘test’ home will be opened to the public, once it’s complete, to help homeowners learn what energy saving measures they can take themselves.

This story first appeared in our homeowner newsletter on the 22nd November 2010.

photo credit: paul stevenson

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