VAT free boiler replacement campaign

Did you know that energy saving equipment like controls, insulation, combined heat pumps and even solar panels attract a 5% rate of VAT on any properties used by charities? New properties attract a zero VAT rate.

However, new high efficiency boilers are still subject to the full 20% VAT rate.

Heating and Ventilation News reckons there’s now a growing movement amongst the industry seeking to persuade the Government to reduce VAT on new boilers – at least until the Green Deal scheme starts in 2012.

2010 – during which the boiler scrappage scheme ran, saw sales of domestic (home) boilers rise by 5.3%, however the Heating and Hotwater Council reports that sales figures have fallen back since the start of 2011.

And don’t forget that the warmer summer months are the perfect time to get your heating system serviced. Many breakdown policies include a free annual check but it’s usually up to you to claim it and organise a service time.

Don’t leave it until the Autumn arrives and you find out – all too late – that your heating system’s broken down. By then, it could take weeks to get an engineer round.

photo credit: motomo

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