Under the snow, what’s happening to your driveway?

A layer of snow, a sharp frost, another layer of snow, another frost – it’s been a familiar cycle this past week and you’ve only got to venture out onto the roads to see the effect of such extremes – potholes and broken surfaces everywhere.

Unfortunately, under the snow, the same thing will be happening to your old driveway surface as the weather works its way into and underneath crumbling surfaces and starts eroding and lifting your driveway.

What’s happening is moisture gets through cracks, freezes and expands. Ready for the ‘science bit’? There’s a theory that ice acts like dry soil and attracts moisture from deeper down in the soil, which then joins the frozen moisture, freezes itself and creates even more upheaval and damage.

Worse still, many household insurance policies exclude such frost / weather damage to paving and driveway areas.

If your lucky, only a small patch may be affected but a speedy repair is essential to stop the cycle continuing as Winter progresses.

If a larger or group of several areas is affected, then there is really only one option – a complete re-surface.

Of course, this the opens the possibility of being able to choose a new surface – perhaps block pavers instead of plain concrete or an impressed concrete surface rather than the old tarmac you had previously.

And if you’re going to re-surface, then it’s the perfect time to incorporate any additional space, pathways or steps where previously you’ve had to cope with narrow openings, steep slopes or muddy lawns. A new driveway will also enhance the appearance of your home tremendously.

Driveway laying is an all year round activity with only the most serious of downpours halting work – usually at the point where impressed concrete is about to be laid. And with many paving companies offering some very good deals at the moment, now is definitely the time to consider replacing your old cracked driveway surface with something a little more sure under foot.

Paving Quoter lets you enter your own driveway dimensions, select from Block paving, Impresses concrete or tarmac, add additional features like raised flower beds or edging before calculating the price you could expect to pay for your driveway. You can try it as many times as you like – adjusting the size to incorporate paths or changing the surface used and of course, our instant online quoting service is completely free.

photo credit: mathieu plourde

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