UK Petrol Sales down by 1.7bn litres

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that the current high fuel prices are forcing many motorists to re-think their driving – both amount of and how they drive.

But the scale of the cutbacks is still an impressive.

According to the AA, compared with the first six months of last year, this year revealed motorists have cut their petrol consumption by 15%.

That’s 1.7bn litres less or put another way, 40,000 delivery rounds by fully laden tankers less.

That’s affected the Treasury by £1bn in lost fuel duty. (source BBC)

There’s lots you can do to cut down on your fuel use – try driving at 60 rather than 70mph, brake gently and accelerate gently – read the road ahead and plan in good time.

Removing access weight, roof boxes and racks, will all improve economy.

Try and combine separate small journeys into one longer outing.

Regular servicing, oil levels and tyre pressures can all add significant savings to your fuel bill.

Well done Motorists (albeit, many of us have had little choice but to reduce our fuel bills / consumption).

photo credit: futureatlas

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