UK National electric car charging network opens

Green energy firm Ecotricity announced the launch of a national electric car charging network across the UK yesterday.

In fact, it’s a world first – no other country has a nationwide charging network at present.

Although the networks only half built, with 12 Welcome Break motorway service stations offering the charging points, another 17 are in the pipeline for completion by next year.

Opponents of Electric vehicles will no longer be able to say their range is restrictive.

The charging points, supplied by renewable energy sources, will offer two modes of charging – a normal ‘3 pin’ 13A supply suitable for overnight charging and a ‘7 pin’ 32A supply which Ecotricity reckon will ‘top up’ a car’s charge in around 20 mins, with full charging times of around an hour.

Not all current electric cars are compatible with the fast charge technology, but it’s only a matter of time.

Despite Government subsidies of up to £5,000 towards the cost of a new electric vehicle, many buyers are still put off by the still high cost when compared with their petrol or diesel counterparts.

Just 2,000 cars on UK roads are electric, from 5 current manufacturers.

photo credit: nrmadriversseat

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