Two-thirds still believe clean energy is best solution in climate survey

our survey said...
Spotted over on the U.S Department of Energy website, a small post about a recent poll of 9000 people across 22 countries on the best ways to tackle climate change.

According to the post, two-thirds saw clean sources of energy as the solution, rather than reducing energy use.

The report goes onto speculate that the way the questions were phrased might have influenced peoples answers.

What I find interesting is that, across 22 countries, 9000 people is an awfully small number so how representative is it in the first place?

Assuming that it is representative, then the figure suggests that perhaps not as many people are turning climate-sceptic as the press would have us believe?

85% believed that more government control and intervention was required to address energy ‘challenges’.

Read the full report by clicking here.

photo credit: seattle municipal archives

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