Triple Glazing contributes to energy efficiency

Triple glazing in upvc windows has always had a reputation for being very good at blocking outside noise, hence you’ll see it in many homes sited next to busy roads or under airport flight paths.

But with more and more emphasis being put on energy conservation and lowering energy bills, triple glazing shouldn’t be ignored as a major contributor.

What’s interesting is we’re actually seeing examples where installations may include a mixture of triple and double glazing.

Especially on large windows on north facing walls whilst sunnier, warmer south facing aspects can manage with the cheaper traditional double glazed unit.

So if you’re keen to reduce your energy usage to a minimum, whilst making your home as warm and as comfortable as possible, then you should be asking your preferred double glazing companies about triple glazing or at least triple glazing on the coldest faces of your home.

How triple glazing works: Like the name suggests, triple glazing features 3 panes of glass, each separated by am insulating air gap, within a upvc (or hardwood) frame. Because of the overall thickness of the glass layers, it may not be possible to have triple glazing in slimline frames, however, your preferred double glazing company will be able to advise you further on what’s possible.

Whilst some experts reckon that modern double glazing with gas filled cavities and a-rated glass is as effective as traditional triple glazing, adding those options to a normal double glazed unit may make it nearer the triple glazed price.

Finally, because the triple glazing refers to the glass pane, you’ll find some companies will offer triple glazing on conservatories too. The ultimate escape from the world outside, yet still with the energy efficiency and insulating properties of a triple glazed construction.

*This article first appeared in our weekly homeowner newsletter dated 23 May 2011. Click here to read the full newsletter.

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