Time to switch energy suppliers

Before Christmas, there was a lot of media attention on switching energy suppliers ahead of anticipated large winter fuel bills – especially from those energy companies that had published price increases of anything up to 9%.

The winter fuel bills may have started arriving, but if you didn’t get any comparison energy quotes then, that doesn’t mean you should stop thinking about comparing energy suppliers now.

Before contacting an energy switching company to compare prices, you’ll find it helpful to have the following information close to hand:

Your Postcode
Your latest gas/electricity bill

And if you can, your annual consumption in kWh. Whilst not essential, it will allow you to compare a more accurate energy consumption figure and possible savings.

Some energy companies are already offering better deals for online customers, including ending estimated meter readings and offering energy monitors for new customers. Whilst they all sound very tempting, don’t forget the object of the exercise is to lower your fuel bills. You’ll need to weigh-up the benefits against the actual cost savings per provider, based on where you live.

*This article first appeared in our weekly homeowner newsletter dated 7th March 2011. Click here to read the full newsletter.

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