The Versatile Garage Conversion

If you’ve been reading the Home Improvement Quotes newsletter for a while, you’ll know that we really like Garage Conversions. Converting the garage is probably the most effective investment you can make in your home, since the extra space adds a huge mount of value to your property. What’s more, there are so many different uses for a garage conversion that it’s hard to know where to begin. So we’re beginning at the beginning and giving you our favourite five ideas of what a garage conversion can do for you.

Do you agree with us? This week we’re letting you vote on what you would do with a converted garage – read below for more details.

Gym and Fitness Room

A new room in your house can be an excellent gym or fitness room, helping you avoid the inconvenience and the lack of privacy of a public gym and keep in shape in the comfort of your own home.

An average-sized garage will fit three or four pieces of gym equipment easily, so you can strike a good balance between aerobic training such as a treadmill, exercise bike or cross-trainer, and muscular training such as a weights machine. A rowing machine strikes a good balance between aerobic and muscular, so this may be the ideal equipment if you’re short on space.

Home Cinema

In a previous newsletter we wrote about creating your perfect home cinema. This is a great use for a garage conversion, because the size of the room and its seclusion from the rest of the house make it an excellent room for curling up on a sofa and watching a movie.

A New Office / Study

Tired of your computer sitting on a cramped desk in the living room, open to distractions and noise? Your garage could make an excellent office or study, allowing you to rid yourself of distractions and get on with watching YouTube videos of other peoples cats. Or something.

If you’re working from home, a dedicated room to work in will provide crucial separation from the rest of your life, allowing you to be more productive, more relaxed and get more done. It could be invaluable in physically removing you from your home life and allowing you to concentrate on your work.

Children’s Play Room

Converted garages make great dens. The best dens. The kind of dens that we all wished we had when we were younglings. Turning your garage into a playroom means your kids can always have a space that you don’t have to worry about – and who knows, it might stop them being constantly under your feet all day!

Spare Bedroom

Having a spare bedroom for when family or friends visit can be a huge help. If you’re feeling like you’re running out of space in your house whenever you have visitors, or their having to sleep on the sofa or on an air bed on the living room floor, one more bedroom can be a great help. Garages make brilliantly proportioned spare rooms, so you can give your guests the comfort and luxury they deserve.

Even Better: All of the Above

The absolute best thing about converting your garage is that you’re not restricted to just one use – with judicious placement of sofa bed, television, toys, desk and computer your garage could become everything you see here, and more! As a space, there’s quite simply nothing so versatile in the world.

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What Do YOU Think?

We want to hear what you would do with a converted garage – or even what you have done with your converted garage – so we’re running a poll to find out what you think the best new use.

To vote on the poll is simple – just head over to the Home Improvement Quotes blog, pick your favourite from the options on the right and click Vote! Don’t forget to check back on the Home Improvement Quotes Blog next week to find out the results of the poll.

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