The return of double glazing scrappage schemes

What was a money saving godsend for homeowners at the beginning of the year is being repeated as many window companies emulate previous ‘scrappage’ campaigns to stimulate interest in their replacement windows and doors.

This mirrors many motor manufacturers continuing to offer their own motor scrappage schemes long after the end of the official Government scheme back in March.

Although there wasn’t a similar Government backed scheme for the window industry, many window companies were undeterred and started their own money back schemes. Today’s schemes may vary in name and the offer specifics may differ but they all share one theme – saving homeowners money on replacement windows.

It may be a total discount off of a whole house replacement or a specific amount off of each window replaced (usually up to a maximum allowance).

So once you’ve got your online quote from WindowQuoter, don’t forget to ask our locally recommended companies what sort of scrappage discounts they’re offering.

In fact, many of our registered companies have started posting details of their current offers within our homeowners dedicated online information areas so homeowners can see first hand what companies are offering what – even before they meet the companies concerned.

If you think a double glazing scrappage scheme could be just the inducement you’ve been waiting for to replace your windows or doors, then act now as these schemes, due to their popularity are sure to end soon.

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