The questions about solar panels you’ve been asking Solar Panel Quoter – Part 1.

As promised, we’re publishing the most common questions homeowners have been asking our team of advisors, here in Derby, after getting their online solar panel quote – click here to get your own solar panel quote now.

Q. Will I be eligible to receive the tariff if I move into a home that already has an electricity generating technology?

FIT eligibility remains with the installation, even if the ownership of the home or generating technology changes. Therefore the technology must have been eligible before you move in, even if it is not registered yet.

Q. What happens if I move home?

Ownership of the technology is linked to the site and, therefore, in the case where a building or homeownership changes, the ownership of the technology would also transfer to the new owner.

Q. I rent my property. If my landlord installs an electricity generating technology, who would receive the FITs?

It will be up to landlords and tenants of domestic or commercial property to come to an arrangement about the receipt of payments and on-site electricity use benefits.

Q. Will I need a special meter to be able to claim FITs?

Generation must be metered and FITs payments are made to generators on the basis of metered generation. Meters will need to be able to measure generation, usage and import. However, as an interim measure, DECC has announced that at the very small scale, the amount of exports for the payment of export tariffs can be deemed (estimated), subject to the following:
These arrangements will only apply until the finalising of specifications for smart meters;
These arrangements do not apply if export meters exist already, or are provided at the generator’s expense

Q. My system is not connected to the electricity grid – can I still claim the Feed-in Tariff?

Yes you will be eligible to receive a generation tariff at the tariff rate that is applicable for the type and capacity of the generating technology. You will also have to sign a declaration stating that all of the electricity generated on site will be used and not wasted.

We’ll be back on Monday with your most frequent questions about free solar panel installations.

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