The Power of the Sun in the palm of my hand…

Movie buffs will recognise the line as spoken by Doc ‘Ock in the Spiderman 2 film.

A scientific demonstration goes astray and ‘Spidey’ jumps into save the day.

I was reminded of the line earlier, when I read a tweet saying “Have i just woken up in October?” – the tweeter remarking on this mornings dull and cloudy start.

And looking across the fields from our new offices here at Stenson Marina, on the banks of the Trent and Mersey Canal in Derbyshire, it is certainly grey.

Another thing that struck me is the amount of electricity pylons in view as they radiate outwards from the nearby Willington Power Station. Although it’s large cooling towers stand silent, the infrastructure remains.

So when I read pieces or hear about objections to planned renewable energy installations, I do wonder would these people rather have a view of these steel pylons (and all the associated health risks of high voltage cables passing over homes) or a few wind turbines?

photo credit: chris parker

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