The office that doesn’t generate a gram of CO2?

An office building that’s 5000m2 housing 700 employees as well as a canteen, bar, gym and nursery, yet it doesn’t generate so much as a gram of CO2.

Thanks to state of the art insulation and an innovative ventilation system, the German building – HQ for Juwi –  makes all its own energy from a vast array of solar panels on the roof, walls and even car port roofs.

When the Zero Mission Project visited the building a couple of weeks ago, what really amazed them was the triple glazed windows – so efficient at stopping heat escaping to the outside, that the exterior pane had frost its outside.

Here in the UK, double glazing installers are reporting that initial customer dis-satisfaction at condensation on exterior panes of a-rated windows is turning to appreciation when homeowners learn this is a normal occurrence for such highly energy efficient rated windows.

You can read more about the latest a-rated double glazing and the cause of exterior condensation by visiting our dedicated double glazing blog – click here.

photo credit: lady dragonflycc

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