The Government wants me to be a green driver – I thought I already was?

Yes – the Government wants you to be a green driver. The sum is simple – reduce the mileage and you reduce the CO2.

Amongst their suggestions is car sharing for trips to work, walking rather than driving to places under 2 miles away (schools etc), car sharing with other parents for school runs, planning your journeys to take in appointments / work with shopping rather than making separate journeys… and on it goes.

They even suggest shopping online and having your groceries delivered rather than all driving to the supermarkets ourselves.

Did you know that 75% of people live within 2 miles of a national cycle route?

Unfortunately, many of us live in the real world – you know, the world where buses run once an hour before dropping you off at least 30 minutes walk away from your work-place. Where car sharing equals ‘thumbing a lift’ and to cycle would mean leaving the house an hour earlier. OK but only when the sun shines!

Sure there are always going to be occasions when you could walk instead of take the car and its up to the individual to take advantage of these opportunities as fuel costs continue to rise and car ownership in general is more costly.

Or perhaps you’re exploring a hybrid vehicle of some kind for your next car?

The Energy Saving Trust website has loads of practical suggestions for cutting down your own personal car usage – including links to a national scheme of car sharing – remember to stay safe out there people!.

photo credit: skippyjon

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