Talk of Energy Boom ‘Bust’ not aimed at homeowners

It’s easy to see a headline like ‘Has the clean energy boom gone bust’, and, as a homeowner, fear the worst.

Fear not – this story on Triple Pundit was referring to the US market where ‘Clean Tech’ companies are going bust, prompting some to compare their fate with the boom and bust of the housing market etc.

It’s full of percentages and dollars invested, but if you like detail then this article is for you.

Could it happen here? If the Government removes all renewable subsidies, then many in the renewables industry fear just that. Of course, the present Government has made lots of noises about a sustainable solar tariff programme and on a ‘time line’ of boom to bust, compared to the Americans, the UK market is still along way off.

The article goes on to showcase other countries around the world including India, which is seeing fantastic growth. Read the full article here.

photo credit: ryan rasmussen

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