Study into Solid Wall Insulation reports

“noticeably warmer”

An evaluation of solid wall insulation has been carried out in the Bath & North East Somerset Areas, amid fears that despite the advantages of solid wall insulation to homeowners, many will be put off by the disruption and impact on building appearance.

The study – part published due to a late finish of installations – has found that those homes where previously, residents had been experiencing problems in keeping warm, the standard of heating has improved considerably.

Amongst the results, residents reported feeling warmer, being able to turn down thermostats, experiencing more even heat throughout the property (where previously there had been cold-spots) and noticing properties warming up quicker and retaining that heat for longer.

The report reckons this proves that solid wall insulation – for many older properties, the only viable insulation method possible – despite it’s immediate problems during installation, and afterwards, can play a major part in reducing CO2 emissions and reducing fuel poverty.

You can read the full report here.

photo credit: dringer

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