Storing Solar Energy

It’s all very well thinking about installing solar panels on the roof of your house – all that cheap electricity and the possibility of selling it back to the National Grid for all that lovely ‘Government money’.

But how is all this electricity stored when you’re not using it? Does it just go to waste?

There are two types of system currently available to you.

You can either store the electricity generated for use by yourself when the sun isn’t shining – this is called an off-grid system.

Off-grid systems store generated energy in batteries, for use later on.

A grid connected system is linked directly to the National Grid and any energy over and above what you’re actually using is exported directly. When your panels aren’t generating enough for your needs, your home simply draws the extra off the grid (like it does at present).

Isolated properties can benefit enormously from off-grid systems where there isn’t any mains electricity.

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photo credit: mike schinkel

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