Solar tariff increases for early installers to 45.4p per kWh

Ofgem have announced feed-in tariff increases for installations currently enjoying the 43.3p per kWh tariff rate.

Solar PV installations up to the 12th December 2011, on the 43.3p rate will see an increase to 45.4p per kWh from 1st April.

Of course, if the Government’s December 12th FiT reduction to 21p per kWh is deemed ‘illegal’ and they loose their Supreme Court appeal, then the 45.4p kWh tariff will apply to all PV installations before the 3rd March 2012.

The increase is in line with the Retail Price Index (as of December 2011). Installations on or after the 3rd March 2012 will see an increase, inline with inflation, in April 2013.

photo credit: franco

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