Solar tariff cuts – one week on

One week on from the Governments feed-in tariff cuts, it’s becoming clear that, as with any financial decision these days, there are winners and losers.

It’s the losers that have inevitably drawn the most press, and with good reason, as the tariff cuts have meant the shelving of most residential projects that would have seen solar panels installed on social homes, helping reduce residents energy bills, whilst making a tidy profit for the investors and local councils etc.

Birmingham Council has said it will continue with plans to install solar pv (electricity generating) panels on 1,200 homes. According to Inside Housing – Brighton & Hove say the tariff cuts will make their social housing project “very difficult”.

The effects at Solar Panel Quoter have also been noticed, with a sharp decline in ‘Free install’ enquiries, whilst many of the ‘paid for’ installation enquiries have been keen to beat the 12th December deadline by getting their installations completed asap.

And we’ve also seen a lot of new Solar Panel Installers, join our homeowner matching service too.

photo credit: evan courtney

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