Solar panels will help you meet Band D tariff criteria

I’m indebted to Business Green for confirming, what many, in the Solar PV industry had been suggesting would be the case.

According to them, installing solar PV panels that contribute to your home achieving the minimum band ‘D’ energy performance certificate will then be eligible for the solar tariffs.

So some band ‘E’ properties will be able to upgrade their property’s energy performance and qualify for the tariffs without having to do any further energy improvement work.

It should be remembered that households will still have to produce a minimum band ‘D’ certificate before they can apply for the solar tariffs so there may be a gap between paying for your solar installation and claiming the FiT payment.

Also, the banding eligibility situation could be tightened at any time and new FiT claimants could find themselves having to upgrade to a band ‘C’ before their solar panels installation is eligible.

The recent new tariff announcements / proposals for the 1st April onwards demonstrate that things are liable to change all to quickly.

photo credit: zimpenfish

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