Solar Panels unaffected by Winter

PR Fire reports that energy efficiency specialists, Enerfina, are trying to raise public awareness of renewable energy by providing useful information about the reliability of solar panels.

Despite one of the harshest Winters for some years, solar panel installations around the UK still performed well.

PV Solar panels work on light rather than heat so clear sunny days in Winter work just as well as in Summer. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that the electronics inside solar panels work more efficiently in the Winter.

The only problem is the amount of available light with the shorter days and more chance of heavily overcast days. During Winter, panels can typically receive between 50% and 5% of Summertime radiation.

Finally, any snowfall that covers your solar panels will greatly impede their performance. Enerfina warns homeowners of following their installers advice on the best way to remove snow accumulations without damaging the panels or endangering themselves.

photo credit: maria keays

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