Solar Panels – Swimming Pools

Solar Panels and Swimming Pools – what a great combination.

Heating an outdoor (or indoor for that matter) swimming pool or jacuzzi can be an expensive business, but there is an alternative – heating your swimming pool via solar panels.

Fitting a smaller solar panel hot water system may not provide boiling hot water with which to fill your bath with but it could make a noticeable difference to the water temperature of your swimming pool or jacuzzi.

And once the initial solar panel installations been completed, the heating for your swimming pool is free.

A solar panel system for an outdoor or private pool doesn’t have to be fitted to a house either. If you’ve got a garage with a roof in the correct orientation, then why not discuss with your local solar panel installation company the possibility of having the stand alone system fitted onto the garage?

It’s an idea that’s already being used extensively in the ‘States but the UK’s lack of sunshine doesn’t have to rule out the possibility of using solar energy to warm your pool.

So come on in – the water could be lovely.

photo credit: ajari

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