Solar Panel’s on BBC’s Watchdog

The people’s consumer champions – BBC’s Watchdog – reported in yesterday evening’s programme that some homeowners were not getting the free solar installations they’d paid an ‘arranging fee’ for.

Their investigation centred around one company that were charging an ‘arranging fee’ of £500 to homeowners who were interested in a free solar panel installation. The fee included an on-site survey as to the suitability of the property for a free solar installation and, if it passed, and the owner wanted to go ahead, then the £500 fee was being charged.

In the studio, the ‘owner’ of the company being investigated, following consumer complaints, maintained that many homeowners had been refunded, whilst others had received their free installations. The problem, he said,  had arisen because the installation company he was using changed their criteria over which were suitable properties for their free installation scheme.

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Our service not only lets you see the details of the (maximum of) 3 companies we’ve found for you, it also lets you see any homeowner feedback (good or bad)  from previous homeowners who’ve used our service.

The Watchdog website itself recommends homeowners try and get 3 quotes for comparison before deciding which company is right for you. It also mentions the importance of genuine testimonials and previous customer feedback.

Watchdog mentioned the MCS accreditation scheme – only company members of this scheme can authorise an installation as being fit for the Government Tariffs. It should be noted that some companies, in our experience who are not MCS accredited are usually working in partnership with another MCS registered company who will ‘sign off’ their installation.

No doubt, you’ll want to ask these sorts of questions when our recommended companies make contact with you, to arrange their survey of your property and offer their quotation.

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