Solar Panels for your Motorhome or RV

For many, when we talk about solar panels, we’re thinking of our homes.

However, there’s a ready market of photovoltaic solar panels for mobile homes or RV’s.

The systems are usually quite small and range from providing a trickle charge to the leisure batteries to larger systems which actually contribute to normal daily use of lighting and appliances.

There are also some ingenious solar panel kits which you fold out and stand facing the sun.

But back to the trickle charge idea, many seasoned RV owners claim that having a photovoltaic solar panel system mounted on the roof of their motorhome, constantly topping up the leisure batteries means there ready for use whenever the urge takes you to go travelling.

Of course, they need to be exposed to daylight so any accumulation of leaves, dirt or even snow will impair there power generating capabilities. This also rules out garages and those weather protecting coveralls.

I’ve seen quite a few blog posts and RV web sites where it’s been suggested that a ‘direct’ connection to the leisure batteries *bypasses the circuit switches so even when left for long periods (when you’d normally isolate the batteries) the batteries are still trickle charged by the solar panel system. (*Always check with your garage, manufacturer or supplier first)

The general consensus seems to be that it’s only worthwhile investing in if you make a lot of use of your motorhome, but the idea of not having to charge up your batteries every time before you use it, might make the idea of fitting your motorhome with a photovoltaic solar panel system seem like a sensible one – especially if it encourages you to use your RV more and get out there.

photo credit: jon’s pic’s

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