Solar panels can offset electric vehicle charging – ‘greenly’ and cheaply

Electric cars still in their infancy…

The Energy Saving Trust this week reported that British Gas has launched a scheme to install electric car charging points in homes and businesses, in a new deal with Nissan.

Nissan currently produce the Nissan Leaf.

The utility company is also urging owners of electric vehicles to consider charging them with renewable energy.

Using non-renewably generated power means your ‘green’ car isn’t as green as it could be.

In January, we wrote about the Government’s £5000 grant scheme for electric vehicle purchases (click here).

It makes perfect sense to recharge electric vehicles with renewable energy so expect similar tie-ins and deals between utility / solar panel installation companies and electric vehicle manufacturers in the future.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a little deal sweetener involved when buying an electric vehicle for discounts off of installing solar panels etc?

Whether you’re installing solar panels to generate electricity for your re-chargeable car or your home, getting an idea of cost is a great first step and our Solar Panel Quoter website can give you just that, in minutes, online without the need for a salesman to call on you.

photo credit: anyjazz65

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