solar panels and house insurance cover questions

Judging by our visitor’s, one of the more keenly sought topics is how does having solar panels installed affect my home insurance?

Rather that repeat ourselves, click here to read our blog post regarding solar panels and home insurance which we first published in February this year.

Probably not the easiest thing to steal from someones house, nonetheless, that fact alone probably wouldn’t deter thieves.

It’s also worth remembering that you’ll need to check your buildings insurance rather than contents. The old rule of thumb used to be that if it required a screwdriver to remove it, then it was buildings rather than contents insurance you needed.

The same incidently is true of fitted kitchens so if you’ve had one of those fitted recently, then check you’re insured. Conservatories, loft and garage conversions etc – don’t forget to check now will you?

photo credit: jim linwood

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